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Mobile settlement (mobile and smart phone settlements)


Fast, Secure and Easy. Let’s get this simple credit card settlement. We are providing this “sales increasing settlement service” with low costs to all merchants.

Mobile settlement (mobile and smart phone settlements) is a solution for credit card settlement in all sorts of businesses which require payment by credit card. MAXCONNECT provides the credit card settlement service which enables payment by mobile phone.

A good credit settlement service is the settlement that is able to increase merchants’ sales. MAXCONNECT provides fast, secure and easy settlement service with a low settlement fee. Our credit settlement services with high security functions are able to increase the merchants` sales..

Sales increased after implementing credit card settlement

MAXCONNECT’s mobile settlement service is a credit card settlement service that can be easily used on usual mobile phones, smart phones and tablets. This service can be used anywhere nationwide as long as your mobile phone gets connected. Moreover, customers will feel safer if the mobile credit settlement is performed in front of customers.

MAXCONNECT’s mobile settlement service offers a variety of screen patterns to choose from for each individual merchant.
MAXCONNECT’s auto-confirmation email will be sent to customers and merchants automatically after the settlement has been approved.

MAXCONNECT provides encrypted settlements and network communication using SSL for security.
Our settlement system is complied with the PCI DSS! We are continuously working to improve our security.


Mobile settlement flow 



First, log in to the exclusive settlement admin page issued by MAXCONNECT.
Please enter the customer information and settlement amount and follow the given instructions.

After entering the card information, the confirmation page shall be displayed.
If there are no changes, please click settlement to start authentication.

The settlement is completed once the credit settlement is successfully displayed. The settlement ID is also displayed and email notice of completed settlement shall be sent to the registered email address automatically.

The merits of mobile settlement



Merit 1 – We Reduce the cost and You save money!

Mobile settlement makes the settlement easy and convenient and helps reduce the cost by using your mobile phone.
Once you open the dedicated URL on your mobile phone you can execute credit settlement immediately. The sheer convenience and advantage of this service lies in the fact that it does not require any unnecessary purchase of terminal.

Merit 2 – Mobilty and made easy to access

Another greater advantage of the mobile credit settlement is its wider range of mobility. Mobile credit settlement can be used anywhere across the nation, as far as radio waves can reach, the credit settlement is made possible.
MAXCONNECT credit card online processing system operates 24/7. Regardless of the location of your customers, they can process their transactions online anytime.

Merit 3 – Faster speed enables quick and more efficient processing

MAXCONNECT credit service provides you the benefit of a faster speed. Due to many years of experience we have in the field, here at MAXCONNECT we are able to introduce and provide credit settlement service faster than anywhere.
We provide the shortest approval time! With MAXCONNECT credit settlement service is available in just three days!
Even if you're not ready yet or still in preparation for shop`s opening event, we can make it in time for you!

Merit 4 – low settlement fee

Suitable for the multiple-shops or companies with numerous sales personnel due to a very low cost of the credit card settlement fee.

Merit 5 – International and comprehensive

Another great advantage of our credit settlement service is that it can be safely and very conveniently used overseas. This is a very comprehensive service. For example your sales personnel is going overseas for business trip to sell products over there.
Or, for example when the contract is finalized and you would like to start offering the service immediately, the credit card settlement can be performed in this case to increase the sales.

Merit 6 – Safety and Transparency

The input of the required credit card information can be performed in front of the customer which adds an additional layer of security. In addition we provide encrypted settlements and network communication using SSL for security.

Moreover, auto-confirmation email will be sent to customers and merchants when the settlement is approved.

Function of downloads Sales Transactions

Function of settlement admin screen

Method of cancellation of settlement

Function of our company settlement systems

Function of settlement admin screen

Transaction Report

Supported Industries

  • Any industry (With and without store)
  • Door-to-door sales industry
  • Consultancy
  • Tutoring
  • Events / shows
  • Operator store, such as a salon / beauty treatment
  • Research industry
  • Moving service / car repair /
  • Each restaurant
  • MLM
  • Renovation work
    (Settlement by the admission fee or donation) social contribution activities by non-profit Groups

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