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Fast, Secure and Easy. Let’s get this simple credit card settlement. We are providing this “sales increasing settlement service” with low costs to all merchants.

Sales Department

Sales Department

Our Sales Department will correspond to all customers’ inquiries; sales department will provide guidance on our settlement service which benefits to our customers.

We provide comprehensive services such as WEB settlement, MOBILE settlement, and Virtual Terminal settlement as well as EMAIL settlement. This availability will help merchants to expand their business to attract more customers as MAXCONNECT Online Payment Gateway provides comprehensive online payment solutions to merchants.

Sales Agency Department

Maxconnect also extend settlement service to be the most recognized brands worldwide, we are providing so called the Agency Program. Kindly contact our sales person in charge for the details of Agency Program.

Global Sales Team

We received many inquiries on the credit card settlement from customers of various countries such as from Singapore as well as Malaysia. Our Sales Manager Mr. Peter shall led the guidance on our settlement service, answering any inquiries such as multicurrency processing, system integration, and give an advice on process for the remittance of settlement amount.

General Affairs Department

General Affairs Department

As a global company, our General Affairs Department administrates the aspects of Human Resource, Labor, Welfare, Building Maintenance, Asset Management, Procurement of Office Equipment and Preliminary Investigation of necessary expenses, held and supervises internal as well as external events etc.

Accounts Department

Accounts Department administrates the aspect of accounting, finance, budget management and taxation. The main role is to grasp and report the movement of the figures involved in the company activities such as Sales and Expenses. Moreover, this department is working together with the Administration Department for calculating payments towards merchants and issuing transaction report.

Legal Department

Provide and advise about Legal matter and risk management

[Agreement Review]
Administrating include issuing agreement letter, agreement review, transaction details review and business scheme review

[Legal Consultation・Survey・Trademark Management]
Administrating survey of legal-related content of our business, and on intellectual property rights

 [Information Security]
The response operations in order to protect all information about company and personal information (to protect customers, merchants and partners) from the risk of theft, loss, alteration, etc.

Customer Support Department

Customer Support Department

The Customer Support Department of Administration Division is taking-care the customer transaction of our merchants. Particularly, to deals with inquiries of card holder from various countries and regions. Especially, to protect customers personal information

Risk Management Department

The main responsibilities of Risk Management Department are Implementing and maintaining appropriate risk management principles and policies, such as update and monitoring merchants’ daily transactions, screening Fraud transaction, response to fraud transaction, up-date the blacklisted users daily.

Survey and monitoring is always conducted regardless day or night time in order to prevent the fraud and chargebacks transaction occurrence as fewest possible.

International Sales Department

International Sales Department

Overseas Public Relation Department keeps finding a new bank for settlement account and negotiating with overseas bank settlement supplier. The Maxconnect strength is continuously develop and explore new acquirer and Gateway Company Partner around the world to maintain cheaper and stable settlement service.

Global Partner Program Promotion Department

Our company has an agreement with the credit card settlement company and its partner globally. We believe that some customers would like to use other company settlement service but feeling not secure to contract with overseas settlement company. Our company has an agreement with the following credit settlement company and its partner. Some customers are looking for a different fees structure and settlement specification, having problem on currency, looks for the credit settlement company in the same country. In some cases due to introduction by our company, merchants screening passes smoothly for settlement contract binding. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us for such kind of support. (In some case, the terms are even better if it is link through our company). Please contact Mr. CHIKUMA, Person In Charge of Global Program.

The following is our collaboration partner company. (not in alphabet order)

Company Country Website

Hong Kong
Failsafe Payments Europe Ltd Cyprus
A Subsidiary of BR Merchant Service LLC USA
High Risk Pay USA
BR Merchant Service llc USA
Baian Ltd. Taiwan
Instabill USA
Maverick BankCard Incorporated USA
QuickPay ApS Denmark
Subsidiary of Plan B Enterprise Consultants India
Painless Approval USA
Patricia Weber Consulting Group USA
American Verification Processing Solutions, LLC USA
Crystal Payments LTD. UK
Mystique Enterprises Ltd DBA PSBill USA

System R&D Department

System R&D Department

The System R&D Department is primarily to cater for external entrust project and to improve internal working system. We receives high praise from customers on the high end technology cultivated by our System R&D Department with respect to external projects

R&D Room

Develop own products and settlement gateway system.

Design a prototype of settlement Gateway that can be used internationally, by means of design and production of programs that meet the standard, to conduct element test (basic test) to determine system specification and to evaluate system performance and to obtain the result for further development of Gateway System. Our credit settlement system is in compliance with international standards of PCIDSS. In addition, we accept orders on Gateway System Company and provide a technical guidance for domestic and overseas customers.
(Currently, we do not accept order due to many orders in hand)

Intellectual Property Maintenance, Maintenance Team (R&D Room)

We are in the stage of filing an application of our service for international business model patent.

We are also preparing registration to the EPC (European Patent Convention) because we believe the importance to lay the foundation of our business in Europe. Since the application require massive explanatory materials and time consuming, please kindly wait until publication.


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We offer a unique service to merchants of various industries such as merchants of large transactions, franchises and sole proprietors. Application procedure is simple and easy. Please kindly contact our Sales department regarding the cost, application procedure, period of time, etc.

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