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Virtual Terminal Settlement


Virtual Terminal Settlement (PC, Mobile Phone and Tablet) is a credit card settlement solution that suitable for all sorts of businesses.

Virtual Terminal Settlement (PC, Mobile Phone, and Tablet) is a solution of credit card settlement in all type of industries which require payment by credit card. We are dedicated to offering the Virtual Terminal Settlement.

A good credit settlement service is the settlement that able to increase merchants’ sales. MAXCONNECT provides fast, secure and easy settlement service with a low settlement fee. Our credit settlement services with high secure and function able to increase the sales of merchant.

Sales increased after implementing credit card settlement

MAXCONNECT's Virtual Terminal Settlement is a service that the credit card payment can be executed anywhere as long as you have a computer and access to the Internet.
It is also possible to processing the credit card payment in front of customer or at visited place by carrying a laptop using wireless or WiFi.

Usually, many merchants are looking for CAT Terminal. The initial investment for CAT Terminal alone may costly. In addition, CAT Terminal consumes time to set-up, in case of new line need works for pulling up the cable, software installation and even some time unable to execute credit settlement due to the problem of CAT Terminal itself.

In fact, MAXCONNECT's virtual terminal Settlement not only can reduce the initial investment but also able to read the dedicated card so that customer feels safe to use.
Actually, merchants can safely use the virtual terminal settlement since the credit settlement can be executed in dedicated screen provided to all of them. Instruction of virtual terminal Settlement is so easy. Virtual terminal settlement can be completed once proceeds the procedure that is described in the screen. You may print out customer copy if necessary.

By virtual terminal settlement, it is possible to key-in manually without swiping the cards in case of the customers’ card difficult to read by the card magnetic surface.     

Virtual Terminal / VCAT Functions

Since it is possible to key-in manually in the MAXCONNECT’s Virtual Terminal settlement screen, your staff can key in information on your behalf to proceeds the order request receipt through telephone or fax even without the credit card itself.

The customer support center or home delivery service companies able to use Virtual Terminal settlement without bringing an exclusive terminal.

Our payment system is compliant with the PCI DSS, we are continually working to improve the day-to-day security

Virtual Terminal Settlement Flow



Flow for customers using credit card processing at merchant store. The authentication takes less than ten seconds; the settlement is successful once authentication result is OK!


Kindly connect the device to USB port at your Desktop PC or Laptop.
※The light of device shall illuminates once it is connected successfully.
※In the event of the light is not illuminated or blinking, there is a possibility of failure, please contact our Sales department.


Before processing, please enter the Merchant LOGIN to the settlement screen with the ID and Password provided.
※In the system setting, some merchants may omits 【STEP2】.
Some merchants may follow 【STEP1】→【STEP3】


Please ensure the customer credit card still valid for the use of credit settlement.
Turn down the card magnetic surface, please stripe the card along the side mark of magnetic surface.
When the card is successfully read, shift to the next screen.


If it was loaded successfully, "credit card number", "Customer Name", "expiration date" will be automatically entered, you can manually enter "settlement amount" and "CVV2 number", and then click the "▲ input validation".
※Telephone number, e-mail address can be manually enter. By entering e-mail address, customer will receive confirmation e-mail.


Once the entered information was correct, please click "▲proceed settlement" If has an input problem, go back to previous screen and make a correction by click the"▲correction"button.


When "settlement succeed"displays, then click "▲printing" to print out the receipt.

Services are also available in tablet devices.

Services are also available in tablet devices. However, because there is not a USB port for card reader, you may key in manually. One of the advantages of this service is it can perform card payments in any place. It is also possible processing the settlement in wireless tablet terminal among the shops.

Customers able to confirm the payment screen, so that they can feel secure.

Traditionally, CAT terminal is connected to the phone line, sales opportunities are fixed in a place. In recent years, sales opportunities in the credit card have been increasing for those events sales and in various fields. We believe our company is the first respond quickly to such a demand.

Function of downloads Sales Transactions

Function of settlement admin screen

Method of cancellation of settlement

Function of our company settlement systems

Function of settlement admin screen

Transaction Report

Supported Industries

  • Each type of industry (store type, non-store type)
  • Out-doors marketing company
  • Tuition center, consultant firm, taxation office
  • Learning institute, school, training center, sports gymnasium
  • Food and beverages outlet
  • MLM
  • Renovation Company
  • Use for special event, event or shows
  • NGO

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