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Dear Valued Customers,

We are currently under construction of the settlement system and in the midst of tranforming our business operation.
For new payment services application, we are excited to be introducing MAXCONNECT Co., Ltd. of Japan.
If you would like to apply for a payment service, please feel free to contact us at
Almost all services offered on the website are made available except for some.

For inquiries about the payment services, our Japan Sales Representative will attend to it.
For inquiries relating to the payment system and other consultation, please contact Maxconect Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and patience during this period.
MAXCONNECT's payment processing services are suitable for various industries, able to increase merchants’ sales. Introducing is between 2 days. 
We have various Credit card solution systems such as Virtual Terminal Settlement, mobile settlements, smartphone settlement, Internet payment, Email settlement.
Trustable support and security will grow your business.

More than 800,000 peoples each year using our payment system. Our settlement services are using by various industries over the world.

MAXCONNECT has strict security measures in place daily and compliance with global data security standard.

Various credit card payment solutions. Fast and easy online credit card processing.

Mobile Settlement is one of the key ecommerce business channels to conduct sales, services and business processes to enables end-to-end payment processing. Accepting Credit card payment by mobile phone on the spot. Secure and easy payment through all major mobile phone.

We provide Web settlement for merchants those running online shopping mall; personal shopping site and those using the open source shopping cart for their business with the secure processing system operate 24/7.

Instead of use the credit payment terminal or manually key in the card information to virtual terminal. Another good option is merchant just need to connect the card reader to PC, simply swipe the card, the required information will automatically appear on the screen.

MAXCONNECT provides payment solutions to sole proprietors, major enterprises as well as various industries. MAXCONNECT provides fully compatible settlement services to all international merchants.

Online payment processing in multi-currencies, including US Dollar, British Pound, Euro and other major currencies. This availability will help merchants to expand their business and attract more international customers.
We provide global payment services at low cost to merchants. Compare with high processing payment fee, it is a revolutionary service that can be done in for students and individuals

We are compatible with the settlement of a smartphone such as Android and iPhone. It’s easy and simple processing by the touch panel. It can be used anywhere nationwide as long as your mobile phone gets connected. Moreover, customers feel safety as the mobile credit settlement is using in front of customers.

MAXCONNECT corresponding to the authentication service 3-D secure, offers an added layer of security for online transactions with Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. This provides safeguard your online transactions for your peace of mind. Please contact us if you require high security for your online transactions.

MAXCONNECT recurring settlement system is flexibility. You can make settlements for Every month, Every week, or every 1st of month or Every few months. Suitable for gym, school, and publications company which collect subscription for time-limited trial services, monthly fee or annual fee.

This solution is suitable for Merchants who are provided information, merchandise and consulting with a fee. After making the payment, customers able to access to user login page to download the information from the information site.

Processing credit card payment on the Internet. This service able to integrate with variety shopping carts.Multi-language function suitable for merchants who use shopping cart in other languagess.

This solution allows merchants to gather transactions and process the batch on a scheduled day or settlement of a large number on certain period time. MAXCONNECT performed the batch processing on behalf of the merchants.

MAXCONNECT offer a range of payment services to individual and corporate to deployed overseas business. Settlement will direct remit to your local or overseas bank account.
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Merchant account provider

We offer a unique service to merchants of various industries such as merchants of large transactions, franchises and sole proprietors. Application procedure is simple and easy. Please kindly contact our Sales department regarding the cost, application procedure, period of time, etc.

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