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Email Settlement


Email Settlement, Easy payment by only paste URL link to an e-mail for credit card payment

The payment has been made easy by MAXCONNECT, all you have to do is just paste the URL link to an e-mail for credit card payment

Credit card payment can be processed online quickly and safely through email by just passing a unique encrypted URL of MAXCONNECT SINGAPORE SSL payment form to your customers. How? Create an encrypted URL for each order, and send it to your customers. This feature enables them to pay online by just clicking the link. Mailing the invoice becomes needless and online payment is more efficient with MAXCONNECT SINGAPORE Email Credit Card Payment.

Moreover, the URL for credit settlement is designed in such a way that the merchants can set-up validity dateline for customers to submit the payment.
This feature was added after receiving a lot of reviews and suggestions from our merchants.

Emails were used to be sent previously to remind customers on credit card payments. We received many requests to introduce such a feature that will be able to set the payment deadline (i.e. one week etc.) for credit settlement.

As email settlement service determines each credit settlement the customer can use it selectively.

For example it is exceptionally convenient to use it for promotion etc. The merchant can prepare their own text, and by putting advertisement or promotion in the email footer can motivate the customers to buy in many ways.

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Greatest Feature

MAXCONNECT email settlement service is using our WEB Settlement Service engine which cater multi-languages, mobile settlement and on smart phone settlement screen. Thus, our email settlement service is just the right service for all types of businesses. 

In addition, when displaying the settlement screen on mobile phone or smartphone, it is equipped with auto assist feature to enable customers to perform credit settlement from a mobile device.

Major payment collection service companies and rapid recovery solution companies are also welcome to use our service. The range of the usability of our service is extendable at no limit depending on merchants` contrivance.

Email settlement processing flow


Log into dedicated credit settlement screen. Please Enter product amount, product name etc. and follow the instructions given.
Copy the generated credit settlement URL, then paste it into the email and send and send it to your customer.
When the customer clicks the email URL, dedicated credit settlement page will pop-up to enable credit settlement. When the customer completes the credit settlement, we will forward the receipt of payment to merchant immediately.

Merit of Email settlement service



Merit 1 : Enables processing anytime and anywhere

Email Settlement enables the processing from mobile phones or PCs at the customers` most convenient time – be it mid-night, weekends or holidays.

Merit 2 : Convenience - Paperless fast billing

Bills will be sent by email on the spot immediately after the transaction has been completed that makes our credit settlement service fast, easy and convenient.
Auto-confirmation emails will be automatically sent to customers when the settlement is approved.

Merit 3 : Enable to create a URL in accordance with your needs and purposes

Our credit settlement can edit the URL accordingly, for example for each product ID, billed amount

Merit 4 : Immediate notification on the receiving of payment

A notification email will be sent to merchant immediately after the merchant has settled the payment.

Merit 5 : Easy implementation, Easy and Comprehensible in use

Our credit settlement service does not require any cumbersome implementation work or system infrastructure, technical equipment, etc

Merit 6 :Saves time and increases efficiency

Once you start using our credit settlement service you can save time and considerably increase the efficiency! Once mailing the invoice will become needless, the billed amount will be easily and smoothly processed to cardholder.

The Sales Transactions download function

Admin screen settlement function

Settlement cancellation method

Function of our company settlement systems

Admin screen settlement function

Transaction Report

Supported Industries

  • Consulting company
  • Outdoor marketing company
  • Collection agency service
  • WEB content company
  • Freelance translator and etc.
  • Our service is open, suitable and accessible for all kinds of industries! More than that, we are glad to provide our service even for small individual businesses or sole proprietors like businesses that do not own their original website. Event management companies, reservations companies and MLM companies are welcome as well!

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We offer a unique service to merchants of various industries such as merchants of large transactions, franchises and sole proprietors. Application procedure is simple and easy. Please kindly contact our Sales department regarding the cost, application procedure, period of time, etc.

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