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Fast, Secure and Easy. Let’s get this simple credit card settlement. We are providing this “sales increasing settlement service” with low costs to all merchants.

MAXCONNECT Introduction examples

Website Design merchant (Singapore)

Since the price varies depending on the customer’s request, we use an email settlement service and set different bill amounts for each customer. This is quite convenient since all we have to do is just paste the URL of the credit settlement into email. Sometimes we also put advertising and edit the email contents to receive more orders from customers. In addition, since Maxconnect settlement services is providing open shopping cart such as OsCommerce and ZenCart, we can propose our customers to use these shopping carts when designing their websites. Moreover, we also use the card reader settlement services! We received many orders of website design from local customers and the payment is made at the time of release. After unveiling a website to our customers, we ask them to pay either by the credit card or cash. As long as we have a PC and card reader, we don’t have to worry anymore about the payment! Recently, we also use iPad for credit settlement!

Our performance and sales have inceased!
We are greatly relieved and happy we are using Maxconnect credit card settlement service and we are looking forward to more cooperation in the future! We definitely recommend Maxconnect to everyone!

Online Shopping Merchant (China)

We applied for Maxconnect payment services because there is a quick charge function. This function, allows the customers to purchase the goods during subsequent times without having to enter the information of the credit card settlement. Since repeated customers have put their trust into us, the next important thing is to enable the customers to purchase the goods smoothly. We adjust the design to the image of the credit settlement interface panel and advertise our new products to motivate and welcome new customers.

Our sales have increased sharply, thanks to Maxconnect`s kind assistance and support! Don`t hesitate to contact Maxconnect, its highly professional and friendly team will kindly guide you through all the necessary steps and leading the pathway to success!

School and Education Center (Japan)

We didn’t use credit settlement services until we started buying expensive things. At first, we thought that the credit settlement was somehow difficult but it is so simple and easy, all you have to do is just follow the steps! We were so impressed by how easy and fast the credit settlement was processed! We use Maxconnect card reader settlement and CSV batch services for our school. We teach about 70 students per month. The tuition fee varies depending on the subjects taken which results into different fee for each student. By using Maxconnect CSV batch services, the credit settlement is done at once by changing the amount for each student. Through the Merchant Control Panel provided by Maxconnect, we charge the due amount of payment received from each student by pressing the button only. This function made available by Maxconnect helps us tremendously to bill each student at a different fee.

We are extremely satisfied by our cooperation with Maxconnect! Ever since we have started using Maxconnect service we have been able to run our business more smoothly and to grow. We have been recommending Maxconnect to all of our friends, partners and associates all these years!

Information distributors site Merchant (France)

We operate a site that provides information and receives the membership fees at the end of each month. By using Maxconnect payment services, we don`t have to worry about this anymore as the credit settlement is performed automatically at the end of each month. We even can receive email updates of the ongoing settlement. Receiving data has really been made easy with Maxconnect payment services. We can also set the billing amount for the first month and the subsequent months. We include the membership fees plus the monthly fees in the first month`s bill and start charging the monthly fees two months later. At the end of each month, we can check the number of members and the membership fees details from Merchant Control Panel provided by Maxconnect.

We came across Maxconnect when we were looking for suitable solutions to improve our services. We have been successfully working with this highly qualified team of professionals 8 years now and it has been a pleasure and an honor working with this very dedicated and professional team! During these years our business has grown a lot and Maxconnect is one of the key factors that made that possible.

Real estate business (Bulgaria)

After we have signed for the Maxconnect credit payment we have been able to offer our services to the international customers since they can pay the deposit and referral fee by the credit card. The customers are pleased with Maxconnect payment services especially with the settlement which is made available in two currencies EURO and USD. There are a lot of cases when our international clients apply for lodging after viewing an apartment and return to their countries afterwards for packing. For those customers, we can send a link of WEB settlement or Email settlement.

Private Investigator Merchant (USA)

We have been frequently asked by our clients about the billing name. The good thing about Maxconnect 3rd party processing settlement services is that they are able to show the name of credit settlement company instead of the name of the merchant. Thanks to this our business has grown significantly and the clients have been settling the payment by the credit card for additional projects. It is also so very convenient to have a credit settlement by mobile or iPad during business trips!

Fortune Telling Merchant (Spain)

We are hosting a big Fortune Telling websites archive of digital content which is being used by many customers around the world. We organize various internal and external events annually. We also have benefited from the opportunity of using credit settlement services. Through the useful card reader and mobile phone settlement, we can receive payments easily. The currency is available in 3 different sites such as EUR, USD, GBP which is very convenient.

Home Care Services Merchants (Japan)

Our customers sometimes request our service at an extraordinary time, from their vacation place for example, etc. In response to such request, we have added the payment by credit card payment as an option to our customers. We hope our customers will be happy with this additional service!

Tutoring School Merchant (Korea)

We are running a tutoring school for elementary school to middle school students. Previously our students needed to submit the monthly tuition fees by cash, but after we introduced Maxconnect monthly billing payment services, the payment process has become more easy and convenient. We also allow parents to make a bank transfer to our account, but it may cost time to go to bank to make a payment. Although it does not mean we request our customers to pay by credit card in particular, still, many parents prefer to pay by credit card. We always made our priority to provide the conveniences to parents, therefore we chose Maxconnect’s services. Maxconnect`s payment service has allowed us to stay competitive throughout the years!

Online Health Product Merchant (Australia)

We have chosen Maxconnect Gateway settlement system because Maxconnect Gateway system is cheaper than the normal gateway service company which request high set-up fee and monthly fee. Our Healthy Product shop business has succeeded because of the reasonable discount rate offered by Maxconnect.

Marriage Agency (China)

We have been providing free counseling as well as chargeable courses to people who visit us at our consulting office. Some customers may directly apply for the chargeable courses, while others would like to visit us to consider only the initial free consultation. The customers who have a lot of time available and would like to review carefully may pay the chargeable courses via bank transfer. However, those who decide to get the services on the spot, they would prefer to pay by credit card. Therefore, we chose Maxconnect credit card payment services to receive payments. With this payment services processing customers` applications and the membership introduction has become more smooth and efficient!

Accountant Firm (Vietnam)

We heard from other Accountant Firms that they have been accepting payments through credit card. We also have decided to apply for Maxconnect`s payment services. We often receive payments by customers` personal credit cards, sometimes customers may ask whether it is possible to make payments by the corporate card. When we answer is positive, it certainly provides the payment conveniences to our customers, thanks to Maxconnect!

Translation Services (Brazil)

We are doing translation work in our translation agency. There is always the opportunity to get work from international clients. Since most of the customers would like to make a payment by credit card, therefore we also support credit card payment solutions through our homepage. The credit card payment is really a good solution!

Customer Support Center Management Company (India)

We run the customer support center for customers worldwide. Our company provides customer support for many international companies, the payment is received by credit card. Since we contracted with Maxconnect, our clients have been able to pay by online credit card settlement, on top of that, they can pay via email link which will be sent to them. Credit payment has been made very easy and convenient by Maxconnect! With Maxconnect we are able to use VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diner’s credit cards to support all of our clients from all over the world!

Advertising Agency Merchant (Russia)

We used to send the invoice to regular customers to make payments by the end of the month and the payment was received by bank transfer. Since we contracted with Maxconnect this year, our customers will be able to pay by credit card. We will get paid the deposit by credit card before an ad is published. The majority of our customers have switched to credit card payment. We do a lot of Internet advertising as well. It is very convenient when customers make the payment by credit card ( VISA • MASTER, and some other brands) as well as are use the settlement in USD and EUR.

Information Distribution Merchant (USA)

We run the customer support center and receive inquiries from customers worldwide. Our clients are mainly global companies, we are doing customer support for those international companies, and receive the payment by credit card. Our clients can easily pay by online credit card settlement, on top of that, they also can pay via email link which is sent to them. It is very convenient. With VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diner’s credit cards and with Maxconnect, we are able to support our customers worldwide!

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